Geranium plants are one of the most reliable plants grown in the home garden. They can be obtained in flower in late spring and will add color to the garden until frost.

Geraniums can be grown in an area with full to partial sun with well-draining soil.

Geraniums are very hardy can handle a light frost. They are not prone to many pests or diseases. Water as needed and use an all-purpose fertilizer when needed.

Available In the following colors:

Designer Bright Lilac, Designer Dark Red, Designer Hot Pink, Designer Light Pink, Designer Light Salmon, Designer Salmon, Designer Salmon Rose, Designer Violet, Designer White, Geranium Mix, Fantasia Cardinal Red, Fantasia Flamingo Rose, Fantasia Pink Shell, Fantasia Salmon, Fantasia Shocking Pink, Fantasia Strawberry Sizzle, Fantasia Violet, Showcase Bright Cherry, Showcase Bright Coral, Showcase Light Lavender, Showcase Pink, Showcase Purple, Showcase Red, Showcase Salmon, Showcase White