Verbena will bloom profusely in a variety of different colors between spring and fall without a lot of effort. It can be used in a hanging basket, as an edging, and in window boxes.

Plant verbena in moist, well-draining soil that gets full sun.

Very easy to care for so try to avoid over-watering and over-feeding. Try to water when you first plant them and when it is very dry.

Available In the following colors:

Annuals: Mix

Perennials: Aztec Blush Pink, Aztec Coral, Aztec Grape, Aztec Lavender, Aztec Mix, Aztec Pink, Aztec Plum, Aztec Raspberry, Aztec Red, Aztec Rose, Aztec Silver, Aztec Violet, Aztec White, Lapel Pink, Lapel White, Tapien Blue, Tapien Pink, Tapien White, Temari Burgundy, Temari Patio Blue, Temari Rose, Tiara Cola